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So many people get confused about love and what it is. Some people are scared of love, some refuse to fall in love, and some are always searching for love.

That is why we created The Lover’s Mindset Podcast to share some light on love from a non-societal perspective in hopes it helps us all to always be excited about love and to know and understand a lover’s mindset. 




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What is the Lover’s Mindset?

The Lover’s Mindset is about the mindset of the lover. That lover is you. The mindset of a lover is something personal, but yet something to share with the people or persons you fall in love with.

In this podcast, we will uncover ways to become your best self in love and through loving actions. Bearing in mind that mindset is a requirement for love.


How Can Fear Affect The Lover’s Mindset?

How can fear affect the lover’s Mindset and prevent access to higher levels of love?

If you are wondering why life seems so difficult, why love hurts, and why it seems like everything is going wrong in your life, then fear is the problem.

Fear has been orchestrated by our ego from a very early age. Being afraid truly does let us know that we are in that moment not in a happy state of being or place. 

how the ego affects our lives

How Does the Ego Affect Our Lives?

Is it possible that the lives we live to this point have been controlled by our ego? In this episode, we take a look at the way that the ego affects our lives.

All of our negative actions and reactions are from the ego mind. Is there another mind from a human being’s perspective…Yes. Let’s get to know ourselves better than what we have been told.

get rid of the ego

How to Get Rid of the Ego: 5 Tips for a More Mindful Life.

Do you feel like your ego is controlling your life? If so, you’re not alone. The ego is a powerful force that can lead us astray, but it doesn’t have to be in charge.

In this episode of The Lover’s Mindset Podcast, we share 5 tips to help you overcome the ego and live a more mindful life.


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Let us attempt to understand Love from a non-societal perspective. The way we have been taught to love has brought so much pain and hardship. Is love about anger, war, judgment, and depression? Stay up to date with new episode releases.


Why listen to our podcast?

It’s a fresh and honest perspective on love. The podcast challenges conventional wisdom and explores the raw, real, and often messy world of love from a non-societal perspective. This can help listeners to see love in a new light and to develop a more authentic and fulfilling approach to their relationships.

Quality content

This provides listeners with a wealth of knowledge and wisdom on a wide range of topics related to love, relationships, and personal growth.

Global community

The Lover’s Mindset Podcast is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to improve their love life and build stronger, more fulfilling relationships. It is a podcast that is both informative and entertaining, and it offers a unique and refreshing perspective on love.

World-class interviews

Will be interviewing some prominent people in the love space.

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YOu can ask the most burning questions you want answered about love.

What Love got to do with it?

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